Saturday, 16 March 2013

I am closing this blog...

...meaning I won't post here anymore :S There are many reasons, and I have moved to where you can read more about why I'm moving - hope to see you there :)

Also, I will update the new adress to my Facebook-page and hopefully get more out of blogging along with the move to WordPress :)


P.S. I will not delete this blog 100% as yet - I just won't post here anymore, so you can still tune in if you're bored.. or something.. I dunno :P

Friday, 15 March 2013

10 cool DIY-ideas!

Okay so I've recently become really inspired - I want to do something new out of something old!

#1 - Decorate your jeans
This I was thinking of doing in art school after I'm done with my graduation project - it looks really fun and easy + cool!

#2 -  Something new out of t-shirts

This I am so totally going to do!! Can't wait for summer!

Use an old (or new) over-sized tee and make it come alive all over again!

This you won't need an over-sized shirt for, just take whatever you find!
#3 -(Tie-)Dye your jeans!

This is simply too awesome - you'll find tutorials on YouTube for sure, and once I do this I'll post a 'How to' on this one :)

How to make your boring shorts come alive! I was thinking of doing this as a reward for myself as soon as I can pull off these kind of shorts !
#4 - Use up left-over fabric..
.. or check for leftovers at a textile-shop :) You can find cheap yet wonderful fabric in those boxes of theirs!

#5 - A simple way to fancy up an old lampshade!

I think this will work best on paper ones, but with patience and a needle that's thick enough it should work on fabric as well :)
#6 - Make a scarf-like necklace 

Instead of using a t-shirt you can use some more left-over fabric :D

#7 -Grab a top and tie knots!
I'm thinking of doing this one too and I'll post a 'How to' on this one too (the picture seems to be a bit blurry?) - all you do is tie knots!
#8 - Make your girlfriend (or yourself) a geeky Angry Birds bra!
Get hold of a plain white cotton-bra and buy some textile paint (or markers), draw the figures and colour! (the ''Pokebra'' is also an option!)

#9 - Magnetic keyboard
Take out the keys of an old/broken keyboard and stick some magnetic tape to the back of them - piece of cake!
#10 - Jewelry holder
I'm going to do this in the summer - I'll keep you updated ;)
 I'm goin to keep my eyes open for more nice ideas !

Remember to
Our planet will thank you (Y)

//jz ♥

Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day - IWD

Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women on our planet! Life would surely not exist for very long if there were no women, so all of the male population should bear that in mind ;)
Here's a video with the song ''One Woman" which was launched to celebrate this special day :)


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Preparing for exam and Russia

Tomorrow I have my stupid history-exam about Finland from 1808-1939 *yay*.. not!
The best thing about my exam being tomorrow is that then it'll be over with - no more stress for a week :P + I'll meet up with a friend tomorrow *YAYY*

On Thursday this lady is off to St. Petersburg, Russia - gotta love school, rihgt? First they stress you out, then you get to go on a 4-day mini-vacation ;)
There should be Wi-Fi in the hotel, so I will try my hardest to get a short series of posts from Russia :) (wether it's from lappy or phone I don't know yet - surprises, surprises :P )

Now sleep is calling me - see you guys tomorrow :D


Sunday, 24 February 2013

The histoy of Finland - studies are boring

*sigh* here I am again - studying. This time it's history. Not just any history -- it's the not-so-interesting-or- amazing history of Finland!! *amazed gasp* :P
The reason I don't find this too amusing is that we've learned all of this before (primary and secondary school taught me a lot ;) ) and now it's just been filled with weird, old words... plus the book we're using is really weird and it skips a lot from here to there and back to the moon!

Oh well - be expecting a superboring post with the history of Finland in a short and boring post :P